The Jacobsen Legacy – Part 1 – A New Start

07-09-17_8-42-20 PM

Jedidiah Jacobsen onto his newly acquired lot. It wasn’t much, in fact it was hardly anything. Jed’s grandfather left him this house in his will and it was the only place he had to go. The little piece of paper, no longer than Jed’s hand, told him everything.

William Jacobsen’s hunting is left to his one and only grandchild, Jedidiah Jacobsen.

Not that there was anyone else to give it to. Jedidiah was the last surviving member of his family line. He was destined to change that to start a family line that will never be in danger of dying out.

Might as well go inside and set up, Jed thought.

The inside was worse than the outside. Cracks in the walls, cobwebs in places, no electricity, no indoor plumbing. A one room house. Jeb set up the air mattress he bought and put it under the mirror in the room. This place was a shit hole, but it was his shit hole.

“You know what, this place isn’t half bad. It has a lot of potential. It just needs some TLC… and hell of a lot of money.” Jed then remember the $900 he had to his name. $900… and this house.

“I need a job.”

Jed pulled out his phone, luckily he paid for it till the end of the month. “Oh look this restaurant is hiring… assistant dishwasher… great…. Well it’s something. Maybe I can become a mixologist.” He hit apply and a second he got an email saying he got the job. He still found that weird that he could get a job without ever having an interview, but whatever, it was money.

Jed sat around taking in his new surroundings. It was serene. There was hardly anything to do. He could either read a book or play with that old horseshow game that was here. Jed was never much a reader, so he choose the latter. He picked up one horseshoe and threw it  towards the pole. Missed. He tried again. Missed.

“Why hello there!” A jolly sounding gentleman greeted Jed.

07-09-17_8-55-57 PM.png

“My name is Geoffrey and this is my wife, Nancy.” Geoffrey had a beaming smile across his face. Jed lead them all inside.

“This place is… quaint.” Nancy sounded like a bitch. “Well I’m glad somebody is finally doing something with this… eyesore.” Yup, she’s a bitch.

“Well we just wanted to come say hi and meet our new neighbor. If you need anything, feel free to ask.”

“But keep in mind, we don’t away freebies.” Nancy was a real bitch.

And with that Geoffrey and Nancy left. They were an interesting couple. Who knows what will happen with them. Jed decided to light a fire and read a book, since there was nothing else for him to do. He already liked it here. It was calm, relaxed. Jed could make a home here. To Jed’s surprise he actually read for a very long time, enough time for day to turn into evening.

“Maybe I should hit the town. See what the dating scene is like if I want to make a family here.” Jed did just that.

07-09-17_8-53-39 PM.png

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