Jacobsen Legacy Rules (that I will be following)

07-09-17_5-05-17 PM

The Founder: Jedidiah (pictured above).  He has the traits clumsy, creative, and foodie. Jed’s main goal in life is become the best bartender the world has ever known.

Gender Law: Equality. I enjoy having both males and females has heirs in my legacy, thus I shall being having them equal in my legacy. Whether it is a male or female heir the name “Jacobsen” will stick through all ten generations. So any males married in the family will take the Jacobsen last name.

Bloodline Law: Strict Traditional. I want the bloodline to flow through all ten generations. With the custom gender options it is possible to still have an LGBT heir with a naturally born child.

Heir Law: Exemplar. Offspring who have the trait “Creative” automatically become heir. If no offspring I reserve the right to either do first born or have a democracy vote. If two children have the trait, I will use the democracy rule.

Species Law: Tolerant, any species can be heir.

Rules changes (to my game): Only thing is I am going to be giving Jed a tiny starting house. Nothing too big, just a shack.

Other Things: I have MC Command Center installed to help with keeping the town populated. The first chapter will be in the next couple of days after I set up the game a little bit and play for a little bit as well. I like to set up my town will new community lots and some of my own sims. Also, filling out Newcrest is something I like to do before starting each game. Anyway, hope you’ll read it.

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